Ten Pin Bowling

1 Hour Bowling €35.00

Strike the Hunger

2 Pizzas, 2 Chips, 2 Dips, Large Coke, 7Up or Orange


Suitable for 4 to 6 People

Special Rates on Large Group Bookings

We have a 12 Lane Ten Pin Bowling Alley, fun for all ages, playing all your favourite music while you bowl.  If it’s just a fun afternoon to entertain the kids, a team building evening, a family get together or you want a bowling league, we are here to help just ask.


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Bowling Rules

Safety First

We request that you change into Bowling shoes provided, however if you decide to wear your own shoes the responsibility is on you if any issues occur whilst you play.

You must always stay behind the foul lines in the bowling alley, as the bowling lanes are slippery.

Bowling is great fun although it is easy to get carried away in the excitement.  We want you to enjoy your visit to Leisure Max and so would ask you to consider the following.


  • If you are not sure what to do please ask a member of staff, they will be happy to help.
  • Check that you bowling shoes fit comfortably – we have plenty so will be able to get a pair that fits you.
  • Choose a bowling ball weight that suits you and check the finger hole sizes
  • Always keep behind the black ‘foul’ line as the area beyond is very slippery and crossing the line will trigger the foul line sensor so your score will not count
  • Avoid putting your hands in the ball return as they could easily become trapped
  • If there is an accident report it immediately as we always have a qualified first aider on duty.
  • We recommend that you don’t bowl at the same time as someone in the lane next to you as this can be distracting and cause a hazard.


Know the Game

  • The object is to knock down all the pins
  • Each game is made up of 10 frames
  • Stand at the black line and bowl your ball down the lane
  • Points are scored by knocking over the pins
  • You get up to two balls in each frame to try and knock the pins down with
  • If  you knock all the pins down with one ball this is called a STRIKE
  • If you knock all the pins down with your second ball this is called a SPARE
  • The number of pins you down is you PINFALL, which is your score.  For example is you knock over nine pins in a frame you score 9 for that frame.


How does the scoring work

  • Each game has 10 frames
  • You will get to bowl up to 2 balls per frame (except in the 10th frame where you get up to 3 balls)
  • If you score a STRKIE then only one ball is bowled in the frame
  • When you get to the 10th frame you will get an extra ball if you score a SPARE, or two extra balls if you score a STRIKE.
  • The maximum number of strikes per game is 12, this give you a perfect score of 300.


The Technique

  • Start behind the four line, facing away from the pins
  • Take four or five normal walking steps, then turn around facing the pins
  • This is about the right distance for your bowling approach
  • Now line up your feet with one of the spots on the approach
  • It is preferable to use the centre spot or one immediately to one side of it
  • If you are right-handed keep your left foot slight forward, the opposite if you are left-handed.
  • Keep both feet pointing straight down the lane about six inches apart
  • Keep your heels firm on the approach
  • Step quickly forward, swinging the ball behind you.
  • As you near the foul line bring the ball forward and release it with a smooth bowling action.


Holding the Ball – How to tell if you have the correct size.

  • The lightest ball weighs 6lb and will be orange or yellow.  These balls are only suitable for very young children or special needs as they have small finger holes.  The heaviest ball is 16lb, most people will use a weight in between.
  • Your thumb and middle two fingers go into the holes
  • Ensure that they go fully into the ball without being too tight or very loose



The maximum number of strikes per game is 12, this gives you a perfect score of 300